How Pattern Village Began

Pattern Village came to be in New York. It's a long love affair with the city that never sleeps and always survives. It is the outcome of the hustle, the unbelievable, the people. The desire to add fresh, colorful, bold, patterns to today's sustainable fashion closet. Effortless elegance is what I was after...the New York touch. I worked with a different New York designer to create each dressing gown. My Sew House is a small-run shop, turning out magic, located in Brooklyn. The illustrative tissue paper your gown arrives in has been designed in upstate New York. All of the photos you see across the website were created by an enormously talented team of New York-based women. I warmly invite you to be part of the village. One of an earth-friendly and slow fashion mindset with a nod to streetwear cool and evergreen approach to life. 

Bold but Never Arrogant.



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